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The GCA Way
The GCA Way

GCA is an excellent school! The teachers and staff are caring, loving and make each child feel special. Amanda is thriving both spiritually and academically at GCA and it is a huge blessing for her to be there!

Jeri S.

We have been with GCA for a total of 3 years and it’s more than just a school! We’re all family! The staff seek the Lord for everything they do. It is so comforting to know that my kids are in an environment that is surrounded by the Lord and the school excels academically!

Jessica S.

My child has attended Grace Covenant for four years and each year is delighted with the class, the teachers and the learning experience. Everyday, the children are greeted as family in the carline and experience positive, nurturing and caring interactions with the classroom teachers, enrichment team and administrative staff. Learning is fun, challenging and enhanced with the application of biblical message. Very wonderful school experience for the parents too with opportunities to become involved in the classroom and throughout the school. Communication is working at all levels. Wonderful school!

A Delighted Parent

Coming to GCA from public schools has been such a Huge Blessing in our families life. It has been immeasurably more than we could have expected! What a pleasure it is to partner with GCA, as we believe in the strong impact it is having in the lives of students as well as the parents. From the outstanding teachers and staff, to the worship on Wednesdays, to having our children come home and speak boldly about God are just a few of the reasons why we LOVE and BELIVE in GCA!

Emily L.

Our experience at GCA has been beyond what I ever imagined it would be. My child has learned more in the 1st 3-4 months than I thought was possible. The teachers and staff are absolutely amazing. They take the time to learn each child’s personality and abilities and tailor a learning plan to help each child succeed. We didn’t think it was possible to find a school that provides a Christian foundation but also offers a loving and driven approach to learning, but GCA does just that. We could not be happier with our GCA experience.

Nichole R.

We love GCA. It has a “family atmosphere” that most schools do not have. We have sent 3 of our children to GCA and are very happy with the curriculum, teachers and environment that is offered here. It is also a place where we feel like our children are being taught godly principles from the Bible.

Jodie W

Our daughter has grown in so many ways during her time at GCA. We believe this has everything to do with the teachers and administrators that interact with her on a daily basis. She is encouraged to believe  in herself, shows kindness to others and is curious about the world around her. This school is providing her with a firm foundation and best of all, she is able to learn about and worship Jesus Christ! Thanks GCA!

The Brown Family