Help Us Reach Our Goal
  • The value of one teacher…that sparks a passion for learning
  • The value of one student…that God uses to change the world
  • The value of one tool…that opens doors of possibility
  • The value of one book…that creates a new world
  • The value of one encounter…where the Bible comes to life
  • The value of one moment…when the lightbulb comes on
  • The value of one friendship…where forever memories are created
  • The value of one dollar a day…to make a lifelong impact at GCA

How much and when can I give?

We would challenge you to give generously, as your gift is an investment in GCA today and for future students to come. The value of giving one dollar a day, $365 per student, meets our goal for this year’s Warrior Fund! Your partnership with us is a tangible affirmation of your commitment to Grace Covenant Academy!

Giving earlier rather than later allows us to put your dollars to work sooner! We will begin accepting donations on September 11, 2017 and the 17-18 campaign will run through June 30, 2018.

How do I donate?

Giving is easy! Give one time, or give on a recurring basis- whatever works for your family! Our goal is 100% participation amongst GCA families. Individual gifts, equal partnership! Click on the donate now button and choose Warrior Fund from the drop down menu, or bring cash/checks made out to GCA to the GCA office. All donations are unrestricted and tax deductible. Supporters will receive a year end tax statement.

How will my money be used?

Gifts to the GCA Warrior Fund will be strategically invested in three essential areas to impact our students today and in the future:

  • 1/3 will be used for professional development, innovative curriculum options and extension learning
  • 1/3 will be used for cutting edge technology, keeping our staff and students at the forefront of this ever changing environment
  • 1/3 will be used to enhance our Enrichment classes, broadening the horizon of our students and giving exposure to the world beyond our walls

Who can give?

Anyone and everyone! The Warrior Fund is a perfect opportunity for parents, grandparents, family friends, neighbors and more to support what is happening at GCA. Beyond that, many corporations give matching donations to their employees. Does your company do that? We would be happy to help you figure it out!