Early Education: Threes and Pre-Kindergarten

The Early Education program at Grace Covenant Academy offers a place with a fun, safe learning environment where experiences are explored so that children can develop spiritually, mentally, socially, and emotionally. We create learning opportunities to better understand God’s world, friends, academics and the boundaries that the school environment establishes. Christ is the center of our program.

On a weekly basis our Threes students are given the opportunity to grow in language and early math skills through our carefully selected curriculum. Social development is a majority of the goal with our three year olds and the program reflects that intent.

Each week Pre-K students focus on a particular letter of the alphabet in order to explore the areas of language, music, art, listening, observation and experimentation, selected Bible characters and stories, character traits, and games.

Every day students have opportunities for free play both indoors and outdoors. This is an important time for students to establish social skills by encouraging cooperation, sharing and sensitivity to others.

Children must meet the program’s age requirement on or before August 31st and must be potty-trained to qualify for the Early Education program.

Hours for Early Education are 8:30-12:30.

  • The Threes classes meet Monday, Wednesday & Friday
  • 3-day Pre-K class meets Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday
  • 4-day Pre-K class meets Monday-Thursday
  • 5-day Pre-K class meets Monday-Friday

Our students journey through the whole Bible as they engage in Bible class from three years old to eighth grade. Each grade focuses on specific theological truths with the goal of equipping students for life viewed through a Christian worldview.

Elementary School

Students receive daily Bible instruction and every opportunity is taken during the course of the day to share and apply Biblical Truth. Students enjoy weekly chapel time where they experience dynamic worship and engaging lessons taught on their level. The elementary curriculum incorporates a well-balanced range of academics, featuring various programs which include hands-on learning opportunities. Students in grades 3-5 take a national standardized test each spring and consistently have averaged a grade level and a half above the national average. Teachers are allowed flexibility and creativity to supplement our curriculum to meet the needs of their students. Enrichment opportunities include visual arts, fine arts, Spanish, physical education, technology, STEM, and library.

Also featured are many special events including class chapel presentations, character awards, field trips, school spirit days, talent show, Fun Run, Art Fair, and many more memorable moments.

Elementary Classes begin at 8:30 AM. School is dismissed at 3:00 PM.

Our students journey through the whole Bible as they engage in Bible class from three years old to eighth grade. Each grade focuses on specific theological truths with the goal of equipping students for life viewed through a Christian worldview.

Middle School

The middle school years at GCA are a season of great persona, spiritual, and academic development. Students are challenged to think deeply, work hard, and problem solve often. They experience different levels of leadership training, from learning to lead oneself by setting personal and academic goals, to gaining experience as a servant-leader towards others. Each student receives his/her own Chromebook which they use both in class and at home for research, submitting work to Google classroom, and much more.

Academically, middle school science focuses on exploring God’s creation by investigating and studying chemistry, life science, and earth science. Students learn how to think critically about the world around them while marveling at God’s amazing design. In Social Studies our middle school students will critically engage in the analysis of primary and secondary sources to gain historical insight in the following units: Creation through the Middle Ages (sixth grade), Renaissance through the Cold War (seventh grade), and American history, civics, and government (eighth grade). Our Bible time consists of a survey of the entire Bible throughout the middle school years. Students learn that God is a promise keeping God through these studies, as well as the need for a true King to come- Jesus Christ.

In Language Arts students focus heavily on the writing process, as they implement grammar and writing strategies into essays, narratives, and research papers. They also analyze a variety of text using comprehension skills. Finally, the middle school math program walks students through algebra, geometry, multi-step word problems and much more.




Each week GCA students are exposed to Latin American culture, Spanish vocabulary and verb/sentence structure, and the opportunity to practice their Spanish knowledge. Students lead a Spanish chapel each spring, incorporating worship and Bible study, showcasing their fluency.


Middle School students are offered a Drama class as an elective option in which they study the foundations of drama and work to present a plan during our spring Warrior Night of the Arts.


Knowing God values art and its forms, GCA provides opportunities for students to express their creativity while learning more about art history and culture. Elementary students participate in Visual Arts as a weekly enrichment, working with different mediums and correlating with classroom learning as much as possible. In middle school students may elect to participate in Visual Arts, creating pieces on a journey of self expression. They will utilize materials and techniques that are new to them and learn patience, perseverance, and adaptability.


GCA students in third through fifth grades are introduced to the concepts in the Microsoft Office Suite as well as Google Drive. We utilize Chromebooks and various integrated activities to help students reach proficiency in these applications.


In our elementary program, students learn to read music, engage with different instruments, understand the basics of stage presence, and participate in performances throughout the year.


Students visit our 8,000+ volume library weekly to learn basic library skills and check out individual library books. Parents can use the library portal to access the online catalog and view student checkout history.


Because we believe that our bodies are the temple of God, our physical education program provides both individual and group fitness opportunities. It is our desire to teach our students stewardship of their bodies and healthy fitness habits and skills.


STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) is a weekly enrichment class for grades three through eight. Building upon the technology instruction they receive in first and second grade, our upper level students integrate their learning with the use of Chromebooks, tablet,s circuits, coding, robotics, computer animation, makerspace activities and more. Students are given creative challenges that require cooperation, collaboration and growth mindset as they walk through the scientific method (ask, imagine, plan, create, present, improve). This enrichment combines creativity, engineering, and technology to give students a hands-on approach to learning and trying new things.



We value leadership development at GCA. Each student has opportunities throughout the year to grow their self-confidence and put into practice their leadership skills. Middle school students have opportunities to lead on a daily basis, both inside the classroom and school community as well as outside the GCA walls. Our middle school students have led Veterans Day events, through service projects, and led younger students within their school.



All Grace Covenant Academy students attend a weekly chapel. God’s Word is brought to life during chapel through interactive worship and relevant teaching. Each Pre K- Eighth grade class leads a chapel each semester, giving a presentation of some kind. This allows our students to demonstrate leadership and responsibility as they teach from God’s Word. Parents are invited to attend weekly Chapel.

We encourage students to adhere to a code of conduct not only for their own benefit, but for the benefit of others as well. Our aim is not to focus only on the negative, but to acknowledge and encourage positive behavior as well.

GCA students are taught and expected to do the following:

  • Honor God
  • Be respectful
  • Be responsible
  • Do your best

Grace Covenant Academy is On Mission as we develop a heart of compassion and care in our students. We work with organizations globally and locally, as there are needs around the world and in our own backyard! Students have partnered with Grace Covenant Church Joy Land, Grace Feeding Grace Food Pantry, Caterpillar Ministries, Bags of Hope LKN and more. Globally we are proud to partner with Ubuntu Football. Because 60% of kids in South Africa are growing up without a father, Ubuntu Football exists to mentor and educate the next generation of leaders in South Africa. Their messages of honor, family, positivity, excellence and growth permeate all they do at practice, the Ubuntu house, and academy. Learn more about Ubuntu at ubuntufootball.com.

Grace Covenant Academy recognizes that is our privilege to engage in corporate prayer. Prayer is both student and teacher led in the classroom on a daily basis. The GCA staff gathers weekly for a time of corporate prayer for our school and families.