Head of School

Job Description

The Head of School is the chief executive of the school and, in partnership with the Grace Covenant Church Council, is responsible for the success of the school. The Head of School provides spiritual, educational, and administrative leadership to the school. It is the person’s responsibility to inspire, lead, and direct all phases of the school’s operations, programs, budget, personnel, and environment in accordance with the direction and policies established by the Grace Covenant Church Council.

Professional Requirements

  1. Hold a Masters’ degree in Educational Leadership or equivalent from an accredited postsecondary institution
  2. Have 5+ years in education, with 2+ years in educational leadership
  3. Hold an ACSI Administrator Certificate
  4. Possess evidence of other adequate preparation, background, or experiences as determined by the Grace Covenant Church Council

About Grace Covenant Academy

Established in 2001 as a ministry of Grace Covenant Church, Grace Covenant Academy serves 3-year-olds through Grade 8 in the Lake Norman area with a total school population of around 280 students. Families who attend Grace Covenant Academy come from a variety of communities in the Charlotte area, but primarily from the Lake Norman suburban towns. Although GCA is a part of the Grace Covenant Church ministry, more than half of the families who send their children to GCA attend other local churches in the community, providing a diverse background in the school.

GCA holds an unwavering commitment to providing a thoughtful, academically sound, and biblically based education for students. While at GCA, students will develop an eagerness and love for learning and God’s Word. GCA families will experience a thoughtful, excellent educational program with visionary leaders, parent partnership, thriving students, and a pursuit of excellence in a God-honoring environment.


We equip students for life by releasing their God-given potential. We nurture decision making and problem-solving skills, enabled by the application of God’s Word and excellent academics.


Our students and staff will live out God’s plans for their lives. They will fulfill His purpose, using their God-given talents and abilities, and the callings He has placed on their lives.


Grace Covenant Academy holds that education is designed to meet the needs of the total child. Our program will help the child grow and develop emotionally, intellectually, socially, physically, and spiritually. Our desire is that each child will develop an eagerness and love of learning.


As a ministry of Grace Covenant Church, the Academy benefits from the shared governance of the Grace Covenant Church Council and church leadership. In addition to the church governance, GCA has a school Advisory Council that consists of Church Council and GCA parents as members to provide advisement to the Head of School on pertinent topics.


Along with the Head of School, the Leadership Team supports the overall leadership and administration of the school. The following roles are included as a part of the Leadership Team:

  • School Principal K-8
  • Athletic Director / Dean of Students
  • Director of Early Education
  • Director of Student Services
  • Director of Spiritual Formation
  • Director of Technology