Christina Deppen – Head of School

Karen Powell – Assistant Principal/Middle School Math Teacher

Amber Cavazos – 4 Day Pre-K Teacher/Director of Early Ed and Spiritual Life

George Lovegrove – Director of Technology/Middle School Teacher

Rich Landis – Athletic Director/Physical Education Teacher Grades 3 – 8

Julie Black – Director of Student Services


Laurie Zeringue – Office Manager

Jamie DeMartino – Receptionist/Middle School Bible Teacher

Brooke Sanderson – Director of Admissions

Leslie Moore – Student Billing Coordinator

Early Education

Debbie McCall – 5 Day Pre-K Teacher

Susan Clark – 3 Year-Old Teacher/Extended Care Coordinator

Jodi Chambers – 3 Day Pre-K

Joy McDaniels – 3 Year-Old Teacher

Jackie Bourke – 3 Year-Old Teacher

Kindergarten - 5th Grade

Kimberly Dyer – Kindergarten Teacher

Stephanie Brumfield – Kindergarten Teacher

Lorri Whisenant – First Grade Teacher

Melissa Popowitch – First Grade Teacher

Jen Waite – Second Grade Teacher

Olivia Brown – Second Grade Teacher

Alan Moore – Literacy Support K-2

LaShay Conley – Third Grade Teacher

Lauren Jones – Fourth Grade Teacher

Sandi Mercer – Fourth Grade Teacher

Caroline Young – Fifth Grade Teacher

Mary Blaul – Fifth Grade Teacher

LeAnna Childers – Literacy Support Grades 3 – 5

Kaile Driscoll – Kindergarten Assistant

Janice Conley – Kindergarten Assistant/Before Care

Jan Bostic – First Grade Assistant/K-2 Art Teacher

Christina Lewis – First Grade Assistant

Mary Abshire – 2nd Grade Assistant/Grades 3-8 Art & Drama Teacher

Middle School

Keven Christy – Middle School Social Studies & Bible Teacher

Terri McCallum – Middle School ELA Teacher

Stephania Smith – Middle School Science& Math Teacher/STEM

Sharon Hackbarth – Middle School ELA Teacher

Jonathan Zeringue – Middle School Math Teacher


Jessie Brewer – Physical Education Teacher K – 2

Laura Philipp – Library Resource Coordinator

Holly Stone – Elementary Spanish Teacher

Katie Kaylor – Elementary Music Teacher

Kiersten Edwards – Middle School Music Teacher

Kathy Herrera – Middle School Spanish

Advisory Council

At Grace Covenant Academy, we are supported by the Advisory Council. This is a group of individuals whose role is to provide advisement to the Head of School regarding issues of policy, practice, or other unique challenges that face the school. The council is made up of individuals from the Grace Covenant Church Council, the GCA family and/or the community.  The Advisory Council can be reached at

Council Members:

  • Christina Deppen, Head of School
  • Michael Carter, Grace Covenant Church Administrator
  • Mark Smithey, GCA Parent
  • Albert Wong, GCC Church Council Member
  • Christi Ratcliff, GCC Church Council Member
  • Amy Drayton, GCA Parent, Legal Counsel
  • George Bell, GCA Parent, Legal Counsel
  • Tanya Paxton, GCC Church Council Member