Head of School

Director of Spiritual Formation & Early Education

Middle School Director, Middle School Math Teacher

Athletic Director

Director of Admissions

Office Manager

Kindergarten Teacher

Kindergarten Teacher

Kindergarten Teacher

First Grade Teacher

First Grade Teacher

Fourth Grade Teacher

Fourth Grade Teacher

Fifth Grade Teacher

Middle School Science Teacher

Threes Teacher

Pre K 3 Day Teacher

Pre K 4 Day Teacher, Extended Care Director

Pre K 5 Day Teacher

Upper Grades Assistant

Morning Care

Lower Grades P.E. Teacher

Elementary Spanish Teacher, Fine Arts Teacher

Pre K 3 Day Teacher

Learning Specialist

Librarian / Technology Teacher

Advisory Council

At Grace Covenant Academy, we are supported by the Advisory Council. This is a group of individuals whose role is to provide advisement to the Head of School regarding issues of policy, practice, or other unique challenges that face the school. The council is made up of individuals from the Grace Covenant Church Council, the GCA family and/or the community.  The Advisory Council can be reached at michael@gracecovenant.org.

Council Members:

  • Christina Deppen, Head of School
  • Michael Carter, Grace Covenant Church Administrator
  • Mark Smithey, GCA Parent
  • Albert Wong, GCC Church Council Member
  • Christi Ratcliff, GCC Church Council Member
  • Amy Drayton, GCA Parent, Legal Counsel
  • George Bell, GCA Parent, Legal Counsel
  • Tanya Paxton, GCC Church Council Member