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There are many ways you can support GCA and we need your help. The support you provide can be your time for select activities, time in classrooms or contributing financial support that improves our school. Any effort will help and we sincerely appreciate our parent partners to help make GCA an exciting learning environment for your child.

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Financial contributions play a big role in providing for a greater education for our children. This allows GCA to purchase very much needed supplies, just for the everyday needs incur. In addition, donations allow us to invest in larger purchases that may never be possible. Please DONATE today.

Help us clear our wish list!

GCA staff have shared their wished for items and we invite you to help us clear our list.

From the inception of GCA it has been our commitment to steward wisely all of the resources that have been entrusted to us. As such we have created an Endowment Fund. An endowment enables a donor to invest gifts for the long-term growth and fulfillment of Grace Covenant Academy’s vision. Without impacting the principal, the school will be able to use the interest earned on such gifts as a recurring, available source of funding for strategic programs, curriculum, facilities and financial aid. The Grace Covenant Academy Endowment Fund will ensure the long term sustainability of the school for years to come.

For more information, please contact the GCA office at 704-892-5601.

If you feel like you have something to offer that would benefit Grace Covenant Academy, we would love to talk with you! There are many different ways to volunteer your time and abilities at GCA. For more information on being a part of our learning community, contact the academy office at 704-892-5601 or

Your Support is Appreciated

Support local businesses, shopping at participating grocery chains and saving box tops are just a few ways to support GCA. Every little bit helps and there are many ways to be apart that you might not even know. Either volunteer, be a part of our parent action team or support one of our education partners to help GCA… Shop and support GCA!

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