Would you like an extra $125 for telling friends or neighbors about GCA?

We know many parents are wondering if they’ve made the right decision about school choice for the upcoming year and are still finalizing decisions about where their children will attend school this fall.

As a current GCA family, you can help each parent with their choice. As you’re already having conversations with your friends and neighbors — we want to reward you for sharing GCA with them!

We’re proud to offer

The FUTURE WARRIORS Referral Program!

This program offers YOU, our current Warrior families, an opportunity to benefit from who you already know.

As we all know, some of the reasons why you’ve chosen GCA for your children include: 

  • Thoughtful academics — that are biblically, educationally and developmentally sound

  • Biblical perspective — on social issues (e.g. gender and identity)

  • Parent partnership — engagement both inside and outside the classroom (e.g. school safety)

  • Faith-based community — families come together who share common values

Between now and the first day of school (August 16, 2023), each new student who enrolls in the K-8 program and GIVES YOUR NAME as a referral — you will receive a $125 RenWeb ACCOUNT CREDIT.

This credit can be used for…

  • After school club fees
  • Athletic fees
  • School event fees
  • Library fines
  • Other fees billed to RenWeb account throughout the year

THE BEST PART FOR YOU is that the Future Warriors Referral Program is NOT LIMITED!

For example, if a family with three K-8 children enrolls at GCA, that could mean a $375 credit for your family!

In other words, your earning potential is UNLIMITED!!!

As an added bonus

An additional credit will be given to each NEW enrolling student that mentions your name —
in other words, they will receive the
 SAME $125 RenWeb ACCOUNT CREDIT to start the year.

We’re looking forward to a great year ahead and are blessed to have you as partners! 

GCA continues to grow, and we want you to benefit from the great work we’re doing together.

NOTE: Students must remain enrolled through the first quarter of the academic year in order for a family to receive this credit. Credits will be applied to accounts November 1, 2023, and if your family is set to receive this credit, late fees will be waived for the months of September and October.