Middle School

The middle school years at GCA are a season of great personal, spiritual, and academic development. 

At GCA, we believe middle school students are distinct in their needs, differentiating it from elementary school. With that in mind, we provide a schedule and program that meets those needs. Middle school students have a daily schedule which engages multiple content areas and specialized teachers. In addition, students will have a homeroom teacher, advisory period at the start of each school day, and unique opportunities to grow together as a community.

In our middle school program, students experience different levels of leadership training, from learning to lead oneself by setting personal and academic goals, to gaining experience as a servant-leader towards others. Middle School students are challenged to think deeply, work hard, and problem solve often. Each student receives his/her own Chromebook which they use both in class and at home for research, submitting work to Google classroom, and much more.

The school day is 8:15 AM – 3:15 PM.


The following core courses are required for each middle school student:


At GCA, we believe that because God has given order to our world, we can understand more of His world by learning math skills. We desire for all GCA students to be able to access future math opportunities as they finish eighth grade. The mathematics program at GCA includes the following courses:

  • Math 6
  • Math 7
  • Pre-Algebra
  • Algebra 1 (offered to students who are able to take Pre-Algebra in Grade 7)

Social Studies

At GCA, we believe the Bible is our primary source of history and provides context in the learning of social studies topics. It gives us the lenses to view the world in the past, present and future. In Social Studies our middle school students will critically engage in the analysis of primary and secondary sources to gain historical insight in the following units: 

  • Grade 6 – Creation through the Middle Ages
  • Grade 7 – Renaissance through the Cold War 
  • Grade 8 – American history, civics, and government


Middle School Science focuses on exploring God’s creation by investigating and studying chemistry, life science, and earth science. Students learn how to think critically about the world around them while marveling at God’s amazing design.


Our Bible time consists of a survey of the entire Bible throughout the middle school years. Students learn that God is a promise keeping God through these studies, as well as the need for a true King to come- Jesus Christ.

Language Arts

Language Arts in the middle school is a combination of reading and writing instruction and is taken as a double-period class. Students focus heavily on the writing process, as they implement grammar and writing strategies into essays, narratives, and research papers. They also analyze a variety of text using comprehension skills.

Physical Education/Health

Because we believe lifelong healthy habits begin at a young age, middle school students will have PE four days/week and Health class 1 day/week. Students will engage in presidential fitness and group sports during gym time. Our health program will teach the basics of personal health and wellness, appropriate for young adolescents.


In addition to the core subjects required in middle school, the following elective enrichment courses are offered. Sixth grade students rotate through a schedule of all enrichment courses throughout the school-year. Students in Grades 7 and 8 have the opportunity to sign up for four enrichment courses that will be scheduled during the school year.


Middle School students are offered a Drama class as an elective option in which they study the foundations of drama and work to present a play during our spring Warrior Night of the Arts.


Music class in the middle school includes both music theory and performance with an emphasis on instruments and vocals.

Worship Arts

The Worship Arts class is a unique offering for our middle school students. In Art of Worship students learn about the theology of worship in addition to the practical sides of leading and running a musical worship time. This includes both musical and technical skill training and practice. 


In STEM class, students integrate the learning of technology with science, engineering and mathematics. They will utilize Chromebooks and tablets, along with other materials to build circuits, learn coding, robotics, computer animation and more. Students are given creative challenges that require cooperation and collaboration as they walk through the scientific method. This enrichment combines creativity, engineering, and technology to give students a hands-on approach to learning.

Visual Arts

In middle school students may elect to participate in Visual Arts, creating pieces on a journey of self expression. They will utilize materials and techniques that are new to them and learn patience, perseverance, and adaptability.


GCA students will be offered Spanish as an elective for their middle school years. Students who complete 2 years of Spanish may be allowed to enter Spanish 2 in high school.


Students who are interested in learning more about journalism and media may opt to take this class as one of their electives in either 7th or 8th grade. This class offers an opportunity for students to further develop writing or creative skills to produce the school yearbook.

Life Skills

Life Skills is taken as a 6-week required elective for 6th graders and is an option for 7th and 8th grade students. Topics include managing finances and budgeting, basic cooking, and care care.